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Physio Chat

Unsure of how a physio can help you? Or just need some advise to steer you in the right direction? Book in for a free 10 min consultation with one of our experienced physiotherapists we’ll give you the information you need to make the right decisions in regards to managing your own health.

Standard Consultation

A consultation with one of our experienced Physiotherapists during which a comprehensive assessment takes place followed by the necessary hands on treatment and formulation of a rehabilitation plan and recovery guide.

Sport and Remedial massage

A 30 minute or 1 hour consultation with our experienced massage therapist perfect for post exercise recovery or remediation of general soreness.

Running Assessment

Whether you’re new to running or an experienced campaigner come in for a running assessment to identify any aspects of your running style that may lead to injury or affect your running efficiency. Once we’ve broken down your running technique we’ll provide you with the exercises that will optimize your running style.



Roller sessions

We believe a foam roller should be everybody’s best buddy but its not always easy to know what to do with one. Thats why we've organized roller sessions so you can join our small group as we go through using the roller to loosen up every muscle group from head to toe.

Core and stability class

Specific exercises targeting all your stabilising muscle groups around the lower back, hip and shoulders. Ideal for anyone with a history of injury or people looking to take preventative action against injury, and those who just want to. Get a group together or come along to an existing group.

Running group

Great for people looking to start running with minimal risk of injury or experienced runners wanting to improve efficiency and performance.Consists of an initial biomechanical assessment to identify specific muscle weakness, exercise prescription to address imbalances, and supervised group running programs.