Our Services

Individual Services

We offer a wide range of individual services

Physiotherapy Consultation

A consultation with one of our experienced Physiotherapists during which a comprehensive assessment takes place followed by the necessary hands on treatment and formulation of a rehabilitation plan and recovery guide.

Sport and Remedial Massage

A 30 minute or 1 hour consultation with our experienced massage therapist perfect for post exercise recovery or remediation of general soreness.

Running Assessment

Whether you're new to running or an experienced campaigner come in for a running assessment to identify any aspects of your running style that may lead to injury or affect your running efficiency. Once we've broken down your running technique we'll provide you with the exercises that will optimize your running style.

Gym Sessions

Under the supervision of our experienced Physiotherapists we provide tailored gym programs to promote recovery, create resilience or improve performance.

Fracture Care

Our physio’s are experienced in the management of upper and lower limb fractures, and provide upper limb Casting and fitting of CAM Boots for lower limb fractures.

Group Services

Small group exercise sessions directed at injury prevention and management, supervised by our experienced physiotherapists

Yoga for Back Pain

Under the guidance of our experienced therapist’ this small group session uses the restorative powers of yoga to reduce pain, and improve strength and mobility. The session tailored to be suitable for those suffering from Back pain.

Falls Prevention

These classes provide combination of strength and balance exercise to reduce the risk of dangerous falls. Supervised by one of our physio's these classes are great for elderly or clients with increased risk of fracture

Osteoarthritis Managment

Research has shown resistance training to be an effective intervention for reducing pain, improving function, and potentially delaying progression, for those suffering from Osteoarthritis. In these sessions our Physio’s will guide you through exercises to improve your joint mobility and function.