Knee “top up” package

Limited Time Offer


The knee “top up” package is a great value program that’ll help you to prevent injury, improve strength and feel confident in the ol’ Kneebone’s.

To celebrate our new program we’re offering it at a discounted price until 8th of October, so see if it’s for you and get in touch if you’re interested!


$400 for 1 x initial assessment and 6 one on one training sessions (normal value of  $650)
Eligible to claim with private health insurance after completion of sessions

What it includes

  • Initial consultation to determine injury history, exercise goals, and assess current injury status and capacity
  • 6 one on one exercise sessions with a physiotherapist to guide and supervise your program
  • Individualized exercise program consisting strength, proprioception, plyometric and drill exercises (depending on the individual objectives)
  • Simple home exercises to compliment the work being done with your physio

Who’s it for

  • Anyone who’s suffered previous knee injury and would like to “top up” their rehab
  • Anyone playing or returning to sport who’d like to reduce risk of knee injury and/or improve performance
  • Anyone currently experiencing a level of knee pain that’s limiting their ability to exercise 
Sports man with injured knee


Acute knee injuries can result in damage to different structures within the knee, including ligaments, meniscus, cartilage and bone. In this piece we’re discussing Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury, however a lot of the rehabilitation principles discussed later can be applied to any acute knee injury.


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